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  Mary help,  Mother of God

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  Maria Hilf Votivbild

Virgen Mary,
Mother of God

Picture Meditation

This picture is not a picture of grace. It is a german icon of the 18th Century. The painter of the picture is not known.
Apart from the colored stone jewelry, which has a special reverence and gratitude expressed, it shows more meaningful than many pictures of grace the relationship Mary's both against her son Jesus, and her place for the believers.
Meaningful is the portrayal of Jesus, the dispenser of grace, the people have experienced and are still being experienced in many situations.
This picture emerged from a good knowledge of Theodokos- and Hodegetria (Mother of God) icons, shows the following important features:
Mary sees the viewer, the faithful,
Jesus sees the viewer, the faithful,
Jesus is donating the blessing with one hand and holds a cross in the other hand.
Jesus is in the foreground, Mary in the background.
The background of the picture, with icons always drawn in gold, is only in the holy shines of both people visible, but otherwise it is dark, black.
The picture want to tell us:

From the darkness of the time, from the darkness of the human inadequacy, inability of the human, to be a man according God the Creator's will, lights out on two particular people:
- The big portrait of Mary - its rather dainty hands part the child protective, part the child push to the viewers - She is dressed in a blue coat: on the one hand the blue of the sky (Celestial Queen, Star of the see), the other hand, the blue of the "Blue's", the work clothes of the working population. This blue shows their courage to serve to their willingness to work, to obey the will of God.
Her shirt is red. With red connects to the significance: love, suffering, blood. She is the person, the woman who has in the most evident way has responded to the love of God, but it is also the pain of the mother, her son had experienced on the cross:
Her heart was pierced with seven swords of pain.
- In the protection of the great figure of Mary, the shape of their child Jesus:
Symbolically dressed in the garb of golden royal dignity and a goldred shirt, also with the meaning of love and passion.
With his right hand blesses Jesus, in the other hand he holds the Cross meaningful purely coincidental before Mary's heart in the middle, the center of the image, as he wanted to say: in the cross is healing (1 Corinthians 1:18).
- Blessing and Cross are in a balance: he was ready on the cross for the salvation of the people, for the salvation of every individual, to ask the peoples who calls for blessing, also the Cross to take on.
The Cross is the central character of faith and it is most likely to compare the mother love: a loving mother is ready, very, very much suffering and effort to take on to her child to protect, to nurture and to get big. Therefore, the place of the Cross in front of the Heart of Mary.
The portrait of Jesus is full of movement: the blessing, the lifting of the Cross, the feet, based on the viewer seem to go there.
Mary in the background, on the other hand: radiating peace, in keeping with easily serve a slope head, a sign of listening: listening to the orders of God, and listening to the pleas of those who implore her.


Mary, wide the mantle of

Your coat is a golden tent,
it's woven of maternal love
him wide as the home to the world
that no one remains without a mother.

Mary, Mother, place of peace
We are in straitened days
and ask you a parent word
to beg for us in your Son.

Give us in our pilgrimage
your child achieve in light.
Save us in your coat
and lead us on your hands.

Mary, Mother, Queen,
in the joy of the redeemed choirs
is our heart as a song to himself:
You, Mother, and the Son for the glory.

      from the Neuzeller Wallfahrtslied

      Picture: unknown Painter from Peru
      Foto: M. Gmelch

In a helpless situation: be sure, the prayer 'Mary help' will help!

In the history of Europe there have been many, especially war-related dangers to life and limb. The own work and doing of man, and the persevering trusting prayer of others has kept them from loss of life and property.
Even in our time, besides the use of all technical and human resources, is the prayer: "Mary, help" required.

Help me, Mary

Help me Mary, come help to me,
it begs a poor child to thee.
Mother really, you can help me
please, mary, watch out to me.

Help, Mary, it is time
help, Mother of Mercy.
You are powerful to save us
from our troubles and dangers.

'cause your help is not lacking
where people's help is breaking.
No, you can't do disdain
your children's supplication.

Show, that you are a mother,
where the need is greatest.
Help Mary, it is time
help, Mother of Mercy.

Mother of Perpetual Help

Virgin, Mother of God, my Mother
Let me be your very own

to be with you in life, in death
to be with you in misfortune, fear and distress
to be with you in bitter cross and pain
to be with you for eternity and our time

Mother I hope for you, I am building to thee
Mother I cry and sigh to thee
Mother You kindest, get up to me
Mother You most powerful, protection lend me

O Mother, then come, help me to pray
O Mother, then come, help me to fight
O Mother, then come, help me to suffer
O Mother, then come and stay with me

You can help me, o mightiest
You want to help me, o clement
You must help me now, o truest
You will help me, most merciful

O Mother of mercy, the Christian stronghold
Thou Refuge of sinners, the salvation Port
You hope of earth, the heaven ornament
You protection, you consolation of the afflicted

Anyone who has pleaded in vain your Help
When ever you have forgotten a modest prayer
So I call persistently, in the cross and suffering
Mary always helps, she always is ready for helping

I call full of confidence in suffering and death
Mary always helps in any emergency
So do I belive, and live and die
Mary helps me up in the sky

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